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    1. I’m still trying to find relatives or associatships Rifleman Walter James Booth a member of the Winnipeg Rifles regiment who were stationed in Headley Hampshire during the build up for the invasion onto the European mainland during World War Two . I have learned sadly of his tragic end at the hands of the gestapo on D Day and am anxious to trace as I said, family or associates.
      Kenny Sharman

      1. Dear Mr Sharman, I went on ancestry. CA under the military records. I found information on a Walter James Booth who was with the Wpg rifles. Birthday April 11 1921 Glasnevin Saskatchewan, residence Ritchie Saskatchewan. His father’s name was Robert. They were farmers. Walter James Booth died June 8th 1944. I am pretty sure this is him. Maybe there are still family members living around that area. Wishing you the best of luck. Hope this helps you alittle.

        1. Thank you for your reply, sadly after all the time that has passed I doubt if I will find any relatives or regimental associates. But if someone out in Canada remembers him please reply

  2. Kenneth I regret to advise that it was my father, not I, who was in the military. He died in 1989. So sorry I can not be of any use in your inquiries.

  3. Hello my friend as a member of the Winipeg Rifles you would have been billeted in Windridge, Headley, Bordon Hants.
    My reason for contacting you is, did you know a rifleman Walter James Booth about twenty years of age. He crossed over on DDay and unfortunately he was captured and murdered by the fanatical Nazis. I visited his grave about five years ago and left a message and intend going over again next year 2018 for what will be my final visit. He became friendly with our family and often came to our house for meals. I would dearly love to know, does he have any surviving relatives? Kenneth

  4. My father was in the Royal Winnipeg Rifles on D-Day and he later went on to be the CO of the QOR 2nd Regiment. I have come across a few pins that the museum may wish to receive if they are worth donating. Can someone contact me please? I can send pictures…. my father was Daniel N. Osborne

  5. I regret that I made a mistake with Rifleman Booths Christian names they should read Walter James Booth and not William as I wrote earlier, so sorry for any confusion I might have made. Kenny

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